transforming and creating your brand

Brand Coaching

We work with entrepreneurs and leaders, innovators and visionaries, business owners who need help clarifying their vision, people who want to create and lead from their deepest values. You might be starting a business, launching a new product, creating your personal brand, or have simply lost focus in your business.
For more than 25 years we’ve worked on branding for multinational corporations, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders in every category. We have seen over and over again, that when the person at the top of an organization has a clear vision, and it is aligned with their deepest values, that clarity informs all aspects of their business: who to hire, how and what to communicate, the look and feel for visual branding, who to market to, etc.
Through the collaborative process of brand coaching, we will help you to clarify and communicate your vision, to brand you or your business powerfully and authentically. During our work together, you will discover:

  • what the essential building blocks are of a successful brand
  • how to align your brand with your values
  • how to create a compelling brand position
  • how to integrate and launch your brand