Foundations of Business

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Foundations of Business: Free Weekly Calls

I’m in awe of the generosity and creativity I’m witnessing in the world at the moment. It has inspired me to offer a series of free weekly calls on the foundations of business. This unique time is a great opportunity to either establish or strengthen the foundation of your business, and to continue engaging in creating what you really want. If you are like other people I work with, you might be feeling insecure, confused, or overwhelmed about the direction to take your business during these uncertain times.
Join these FREE calls to get the support and inspiration you need right now.
We will cover a variety of topics that may include:

  • what is fundamental to building and sustaining a business
  • good branding practices
  • how to create an emotional connection with your customers through authentic and accurate messaging
  • how to attract the right customers
  • how to make a memorable impression through clear and cohesive communications

I have a fun and effective way of working that will coax you to see your tremendous value in the marketplace. When you get clear on what you stand for, and how you are innovating, your business can stand out and thrive.
Calls will be held on Thursdays April 16th through May 21st at 10am pacific/1pm eastern/6pm UK. 
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