Launch Your Business

8 Week Brand Incubator & Mastermind

Launch Your Business

8 Week Brand Incubator & Mastermind
It’s possible, even in these uncertain times, to set your business up for success. Now is the time to put a strong foundation in place so you can move through the changing marketplace with agility and clarity. In this mastermind we will use a co-creative process to help you explore and discover what is brilliant about you and your business, what is at the heart of your brand.
You will discover how bringing all of you into your work is one of the most powerfully compelling ways to attract clients and grow your business. During the 8 weeks you will have access to my indepth knowledge of business and branding, and the support of the group, as you bring your business into the world in a new way. 
By the end of the eight weeks, if you participate fully, not only will you more clarity about what you are up to, but you will have written all the core content for your website and started marketing your business in new ways that you enjoy.
I have a fun and effective way of working that will coax you to see your tremendous value in the marketplace. When you get clear on what you stand for, and how unique your offering truly is, your business can stand out and thrive.
This program includes:

  • 8 weekly 90 minute group calls
  • weekly office hours for you ask questions, get feedback and technical assistance
  • weekly assignments to help clarify your brand vision, create content for your website, and develop content for your marketing
  • recordings of all calls
  • a private facebook group to interact with other participants, ask questions and continue the conversation
  • OPTIONAL: monthly one to one coaching


You will learn:

  • how to align your essential self, and your deepest values, with what’s on offer in your business in a way that resonates with potential clients (powerful branding)
  • how to stand out in the sea of others in your field
  • what makes buying your services or product compelling
  • why giving people a sense of who you are should be an integral part of your business communications
  • how the look and feel of your visuals can support letting your unique personality and brand vision shine through
  • how to choose a target market or ideal client
  • why consistent brand messaging and visuals matter
  • how to create a marketing plan that you will enjoy implementing
  • how taking small steps every day can move your business towards success


In the first 4 weeks you will take a deep dive into creating a powerful vision for your business using my bespoke branding process and engage in a series of writing exercises to create all the core content for your website. If you have already worked with me to brand your business, you can revisit your branding to take it to the next level and evolve.
In the final weeks, you will create and implement a clear plan to launch and market your business, discovering what works for you.
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