from our clients

“I would recommend Sandra to anyone who’d like to find clarity about their purpose and core brand. For me the experience has been transformative.

Sandra is skilled at reflecting and amplifying a person’s innate wisdom. It is empowering to tune into your own unique expression of life – to recognize it! What was particularly special for me was to see the other people in the group also blossoming in their unique way. It was one of the most life-affirming courses I’ve ever taken. And I have a new brand and website which looks and feels like a true expression of my business.

Thank you from the depths of my heart Sandra. You shine!”

~Lisa Wood

. . . . . . . .

“My time with Sandra has been nothing short of amazing. I have spent the last 15 years in the design industry and I have been awed by the unique combination of skills and talents that Sandra has in her armoury. She is a uniquely creative and talented designer, she has a knowledge and understanding of how branding works in different media, gained from years of experience working with top brands. To top it all off, Sandra has a deep, deep grounding in the Principles with a ready access to wisdom which radiates and informs every conversation and every project she undertakes. 

Sandra loves her clients and believes in their potential. She has a kind, gentle and effective approach that lovingly coaxes, sometimes challenges, but always supports her clients in seeing their own value in the world. This has enabled me to see how I can serve my own clients with clarity, creativity, compassion and fun. I forgot to say, there is always LOTS of laughter working with Sandra!”

~Stef Cybichowski

. . . . . . . .

“Sandra’s Branding Harmony program really spoke to my desire to gain clarity and confidence around both the nature of my work and how best to communicate that with those I wish to serve. 

I see business as a natural expression of our self, and love that Sandra not only has a deep understanding of the principles that drive our creativity, but that she takes a stand for values that are deeply aligned with who we are. I got so much out of this program – not just the clarity and confidence I’d been hoping for, but also the permission and encouragement to bring all of myself to both my work and the communication of it.

Sandra is a compassionate, insightful, and intuitive coach whose buoyant sense of humour brought a wonderful lightness to the program. Her knowledge and experience that she brings from the world of branding and design made for a course that was both deep and practical – and utterly valuable. If you’re feeling the least bit lost and confused about your business, about what makes it unique and significant, about how to talk about it, then I encourage you to take this program. You’ll get more than you bargained for!”

~Sacha Ivis

. . . . . . . .

“I decided to work with Sandra because I knew that she would create the right space for me to go deep and bring out the true essence of what I am up to in my work. I was right, unlike other programmes this is intimate and tailored to you and the connection in our group was amazing – we didn’t stop laughing – and the support and enthusiasm for each other and our businesses was palpable!

The results? A new level of excitement about what I offer the world that is intrinsically linked to the heart of who I am as a human being and a coach. I have seen new possibilities for my business and have an ease about sharing what I do with others.

What Sandra does so exquisitely, is enable you to open up your soul and see who you really are in relation to your your work, and then provides the practical, no nonsense approach that is required to translate your vision into a reality.

I love working with Sandra, she is insightful and full of wisdom, knowing just the right question or observation to make at the right time to take your ideas a step further. If you want to transform how you think and feel about your business and how it shows up in the world – then work with Sandra. I know that as my business evolves and grows, Sandra will be someone I return to again and again.”

~Clare Tanner